OPINION20 June 2018

Fair recruitment and equality in market research

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Inequality in the workplace has sprung into mainstream awareness, so how can market research businesses ensure equal pay and fairness in recruitment? By Sinead Hasson.

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We are being flooded with hashtags reminding us that the world is unequal – that people in power take advantage of weaker people, male and female. The debate is strong and multifaceted and, currently, it’s opened up in film, entertainment, fashion, media and politics. We know it’s everywhere, so it must be present within the market research sector.

Recently, the MRS has taken a strong position on the issue of diversity, and groups are being set up to tackle this issue in our sector. This is to be applauded; market research fares better than many of our marcomms relations, but there are still gaps in equal pay and inclusion that we can address in practical terms.

Equal pay is a particular issue and, rather than wait for the public embarrassment that the BBC has faced, make the change now. Companies of more than 250 people must now declare their gender ...