OPINION7 December 2018

Five tips for asking for a pay rise

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Sinead Hasson, founder and managing director of recruitment consultancy Hasson Associates, shares her advice to researchers looking for a pay rise.

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Do research
We’d all like to be paid more, but if you are going to ask for a pay rise, you need to know that it’s the market rate. Check online ads and,  if you have a good relationship with a recruiter, ask their opinion. If you can, find out what other people at your level are paid. Make sure you have a good case.

Make an appointment
Don’t bring this up in the pub, car park, lift or loo. Ask for a meeting where you can discuss salary and progression (the two are often linked).

Be prepared
Be clear on the points you want to get across; make notes – refer to them; be concise, confident and deliberate.

Know your outcome
What do you want to happen? A decision? Be realistic; the chances are your manager will have to refer to someone else, so accept that, but ask for a timeline.

Don’t issue an ultimatum
It’s very hard to come back from that and, unless you are willing to follow ...