OPINION18 July 2019

Five tips on asking for flexible working

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Sinead Hasson, founder and managing director of recruitment consultancy Hasson Associates, shares her advice for market researchers wanting to ask for flexible working.

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Be clear 

...about what you want and, if appropriate, why? Asking for increased flexibility without detail doesn’t help anyone. If you need to leave at 3pm two days a week, make that clear.

Be realistic 

Are you asking for something that will compromise the business or put colleagues under pressure. Offer solutions where you think that might be the case.

Check the precedent 

It’s easier to ask for an arrangement if you know it has already been given to someone else.

Be prepared

If you are the first in your company/team to ask for flexibility, be prepared. Think about this in a ‘360’ way – deal with any objections while, at the same time, highlighting the benefits.

It’s all about flexibility

Try to be flexible and be willing to negotiate – if an early leave time clashes with a weekly meeting, offer to be flexible on that day.

Sinead Hasson is founder and managing director of recruitment consultancy Hasson Associates