OPINION10 January 2020

Five tips on taking on apprentices

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Impact Opinion

Sinead Hasson, founder and managing director of recruitment consultancy Hasson Associates, shares her advice for companies hiring apprentices, in the latest of her ‘Five tips’ series published in Impact.

Apprentice taking notes

Carefully select the right apprentice
Research isn’t an obvious career path for most people, so prospective apprentices will need to understand all aspects of this industry and the options they might have.

Select the right mentor/buddy...
...someone who can really nurture and coach this prospective full-time employee.

Tell the rest of your business why you are hiring apprentices.

Be clear
Apprentices are often young, so ensure you give them clear instruction, direction and guidance in all aspects of work. Not just the tasks, but also how they should behave in an office environment.

Treat them well
Give your apprentice lots of opportunities.

This article was first published in the October 2019 issue of Impact, alongside an article exploring the market research sector’s progress on establishing an apprenticeship scheme