OPINION3 October 2019

Five tips on creating a mentally well workplace

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Sinead Hasson, founder and managing director of recruitment consultancy Hasson Associates, shares her advice for employers looking to create a work environment that’s good for wellbeing.

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Encourage people to talk
...and, if you need to, lead by example and share your own experience.

Be prepared
Have a dedicated mental health first aider; this will signal that you treat mental health the same as you treat physical health.

Create a safe space
...for people to talk about the stresses of the job – don’t let them take that home.

Be aware of what’s happening in your business 
There are always signs when someone is suffering, so don’t ignore them: ask the hard questions.

Make it part of your hiring strategy 
Make prospective employees aware that you are a ‘safe space’ and prospective managers aware that this will be part of their job.

This article was first published in Impact.