OPINION18 April 2019

Five tips on building a great research career

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Sinead Hasson, founder and managing director of recruitment consultancy Hasson Associates, shares her advice for those setting out on a career in market research.

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Be brave
The least familiar career path to take is often the hardest because it is out of your comfort zone.

Do research
...I don’t mean page one of Google when you start exploring your options. There are so many types of research careers, from methodologies to sectors, so make sure you understand where it can take you. You might be interested in shopper behaviour but you might also be interested in how market research combats terrorism – there is a job for both.

Connect and network
It’s never been easier to find people. Follow them on LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram and you will expand your own echo chamber and learn about the opportunities.

Prepare for a non-linear career path 
Don’t get hung up on job titles – focus on learning and environments.

Keep learning 
Whether you are just starting, or you are 20 years in, there are ample opportunities to continue to build skills.

This article first appeared in Issue 24 of Impact. Visit Research Jobfinder to search research jobs.