NEWS5 April 2011

Consulting firms sign up to Indian Readership Survey

Asia Pacific News

INDIA— Nine consulting firms have signed up as subscribers to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS), as the survey’s publisher persuades casual users of its data to pay for full access.

Shaswati Saradar, director general of the Media Research Users’ Council, which produces the IRS, told media news site Best Media Info that consulting firms had been making reference to IRS data for some time, by “borrowing some summary data from other users”, but that a number of companies – including Ernst & Young and KPMG – had now been persuaded to sign up for subscriptions.

As subscribers the firms will have access to analysis tools and granular data on demand.

The MRUC has been working for the past few months to encourage authorised usage of its survey data, and is in consultation with other companies.