NEWS24 April 2015

Affinio integrates Gnip data

North America Technology

US — Audience insights provider Affinio will integrate Gnip’s search capability in order to segment audience members based on affinity analysis.


Gnip, recently acquired by Twitter, is a provider of social data. By integrating Gnip’s search capability, Affinio has announced that it will be able to “reveal insights into the affinities of different audiences who have already self-segmented through the use of common hashtags, content and keywords”.

“We know that simply using a keyword, hashtag or sharing an article doesn’t mean you are necessarily passionate, per se, about a particular topic” said Tim Burke, CEO of Affinio. “However, combining tweet content with Affinio’s Affinity Graph technology allows us to better understand and uncover an audience’s real interests and the context of their tweets, which ultimately leads to higher accuracy, and ROI for organic and paid targeting”.

More information can be found here.