OPINION14 October 2019

LGBTQ+ in the workplace – What every company needs to hear

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In the latest Evidence Talks podcast we're talking about representation and inclusion. We may feel that many battles have been won – everyone is talking about diversity; laws are in place and doors have been opened. But when we dig below the surface the picture is less positive.

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Insight professionals are here to discover the truth and are in a unique position to increase understanding and amplify all voices within society – and organisations need to listen to what these communities have to say if they are to retain customers and staff, and grow their business.

  • According to Stonewall, 62% of graduates go back into the closet when they enter the job market.
  • Almost half of 18- to 24-year-olds identifying as something other than 100% heterosexual.
  • And a recent YouGov study found that almost two in five Brits don’t think it’s appropriate for colleagues to be out in the workplace. 

Head of editorial for Research Live and Impact magazine, Jane Bainbridge, hosts a discussion with:

Chantel Le Carpentier, project manager at YouGov
Michelle Fan, senior strategist in semiotics at Flamingo
Alex Turk, associate director at ICM Unlimited

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