OPINION29 January 2020

Is consolidation good for everyone?

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2019 saw a higher number of mergers and acquisitions across the UK market research industry than ever before. But is consolidation good for everyone – for clients and agencies, owners and employees? Join guests Rhea Fox from Aviva, Angela Morgans from Metrixlab and Jon Priest from Capel Partners in the latest Evidence Talks podcast.

Consolidation podcast

In this episode of Evidence Talks we turn our attention to the UK market research industry itself, which has undergone quite a shakeup in the last few years. 

Barely a week passes on Research Live without a new deal being announced. Just look at the dozens of notable sales in 2019: including Kantar to Bain Capital; Join the Dots to InSites; and Com Res to Savanta. The list goes on... 

The market research industry is consolidating more rapidly than ever before. According to the Research Live Industry Report 2020, research agencies in the UK generate more than £5bn turnover every year. And over half of that comes from the top 10 agencies. 

  • In this podcast we want to find out what the impact of this consolidation is on the people in the companies that are being bought and merged. 
  • We’ll also hear what it’s like for buyers of research – are clients getting what they want from fewer, larger suppliers? 
  • Ultimately, who are the winners and who are the losers in this new climate of deal making?

Host: Christian Walsh, Digital Director, Market Research Society (MRS)


Rhea Fox – Head of Insight and Strategy at Aviva and member of MRS Delphi Group
Angela Morgans, Regional MD for Europe at Metrixlab
Jon Priest, former-ceo of Future Thinking and now Director of Capel Partners

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