OPINION18 June 2019

Faking it: Can we trust social media data?

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The first in a new series of 30-minute podcasts from the MRS Delphi Group. Aji Ghose from Sky, Cordelia Hay, Britain Thinks, and Colin Strong, Ipsos discuss the impact that fake information online is having on customer insight, and what the research industry should do about it.

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Social media research is an important source of insight for most organisations today. But fake profiles, fake sentiment and fake data is a growing problem. This podcast gets to the heart of how data analysis and traditional research can work better together, or fail spectacularly. 

  • In 2018 Facebook suspended 1.3bn fake accounts
  • The Mueller report stated 126 million Americans were influenced by fake profiles and content created by a Russian agency to influence the outcome of the 2016 US election 
  • In April 2019 research from Which? magazine concluded that ‘Amazon is losing the battle against fake reviews’.

The host is Christian Walsh, digital director at the Market Research Society (MRS).

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