NEWS2 March 2020

USA Today, Democracy Fund and UCLA launch American voters study

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US – Newspaper USA Today has partnered with the Democracy Fund and UCLA on a public opinion research project ahead of the US election.

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The Nationscape weekly survey, designed and managed by UCLA political scientists Lynn Vavreck and Chris Tausanovitch, is fielded by Lucid and will conduct over 500,000 interviews during the lead up to the election in November.

The research conducts around 6,250 interviews weekly to explore attitudes to various issues and policies. Over 150,000 US residents participated in the survey between July 2019 and December 2019, with the first dataset released on 27th February.

USA Today and its parent company Gannett’s network of local market reporters will access Nationscape's data on public opinions to help them generate stories on how voters agree and disagree on issues, and track how opinions are changing.

The Democracy Fund Voter Study Group is a research collaboration of analysts and scholars established following the 2016 election.

Nicole Carroll, editor-in-chief of USA Today, said: “The Nationscape project is important for helping Americans learn about the diverse perspectives different communities have on key issues, and we’re thrilled to be able to leverage our local footprint in newsrooms across the country for this important effort.”

Lauren Strayer, managing director of communications and network at Democracy Fund, added: “In this high-stakes election year, voters and civic leaders need the illuminating power of the Nationscape survey to help ensure our politics and public debate are as informed and responsive as possible. Nationscape’s unique ability to help us understand the perspectives of Americans at the local, regional, and national level is unprecedented.”