NEWS19 September 2016

UK consumers ‘more mobile oriented’ than Americans

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UK — Single-source audience measurement company Verto Analytics has released a report on the behaviours of cross-device digital consumers in the UK, revealing that UK consumers are more mobile oriented than their US counterparts.

81% of UK consumers use a smartphone, compared with just 68% of US consumers. What’s more, according to the research, UK consumers spend 47% of their time online on a mobile device, and 35% are mobile-only (meaning their sole internet-connected device is a smartphone or tablet). Just 25% of US consumers are mobile-only. 

These results accompany the news that Verto Analytics has announced the availability of its syndicated media measurement services in the UK. The services have long been on offer in the US.

Verto’s data, which is published with hourly and daily granularity, give an understanding of dynamic usage patterns, user demographics and other background characteristics across the digital ecosystem. 

“Verto Analytics provides a clear and transparent, single-source multi-screen measurement solution, which the UK market has not had until now," said Mike Read, managing director UK at Verto Analytics.

"We're able to offer brands, publishers, and advertisers access to rich, daily digital data at a syndicated level.”