NEWS28 October 2014

Specific Media launches Shopper Access


UK — Global media company, Specific Media, has expanded its partnership with Nielsen to launch Shopper Access, which allows advertisers to target according to people’s FMCG shopping preferences and reach them on all connected devices.


By combining Nielsen’s brand media FMCG dataset with Specific Media’s behavioural data, the company said Shopper Access allows brands to segment and target defined shopping groups with specific messages.

Nielsen UK’s managing director for digital, James Oates, said: “The ability to find different shoppers based on their choice of store or choice of products and directly link that behaviour to their media consumption will mean greater precision and cost-effective media execution.”

This use of offline consumer shopping data adds insight to online data currently applied to campaigns so brands can place relevant advertising in front of customers, both in video and display.

Toby Benjamin, senior director, advanced media solutions from Specific Media said: “Advertisers are now able to champion their own brand products among current loyal customers, as well as take a ‘conquesting’ approach and target customers of competitor brands in order to increase market share.”