NEWS22 February 2019

Nielsen and NPD Group to measure omnichannel shoppers

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US – Measurement company Nielsen and merchandise sales and market information provider The NPD Group have partnered to create a panel of omnichannel consumers.


The tie-in will expand the existing partnership between the pair to combine Nielsen’s consumer packaged goods (CPG) measurement with NPD’s consumer measurement in general merchandise.

The panel will track online and offline shopper behaviour and use product reference data and retail market measurement to provide insights on omnichannel shoppers.

Karyn Schoenbart, chief executive, NPD, said the panel would use the company’s receipt harvesting technology to offer "previously unavailable quality measurement across all brands, industries and channels".

The move is part of what Nielsen terms its ‘total consumer framework', which aims to cover all aspects of the consumer journey.

John Tavolieri, chief product and technology officer, Nielsen, said the panel would "capture a consumer’s share of life" and offer a "solid understanding of the omnishopper".