NEWS6 December 2010

MR spend tumbled before 2010 general election

Government UK

UK— The Electoral Commission has released details of party spending in the year running up to the 2010 general election, which shows a sharp decline across the board – market research expenditure included.

Spending on market research and canvassing among parties in Great Britain fell from £3.09m in the run-up to the 2005 vote to £1.85m this year. In Northern Ireland the figure fell from £450 to zero.

The Conservative Party spent the most on market research and canvassing, shelling out £812,992 in total, or £631,677 in England, £144,751 in Scotland and £36,564 in Wales.

Next were the Liberal Democrats who spent £508,748 – £434,553 in England, £36,006 in Scotland and £38,189 in Wales.

Labour, who were in power at the time of the election, were in third place for total MR and canvassing spend with £467,910.

The Conservative’s election campaign in its entirety cost slightly less than the one in 2005, with spend falling to £16.68m compared to £17.85m five years ago. The Liberal Democrats increased their spend from £4.32m in 2005 to £4.79m this year and Labour’s spending levels fell to £8.01m from £17.94m.