NEWS9 June 2014

Mobile data boosts OOH advertising by 200%

Data analytics News UK

UK — Out of home (OOH) advertising is 200% more effective when mobile data is used to plan campaigns, according to OOH agency Posterscope.

Posterscope has released these findings following the first few months of its partnership with network operator EE. The initial trial ran from January to May 2014, using EE’s anonymised and aggregated group level network usage data – mData – to “optimise OOH media selections and measure increases in ad awareness, purchase consideration and online searches across 120,000 usage hotspots”. Posterscope clients taking part in the trial included Lenovo, Nationwide, RBS, Studio Canal, and British Gas.

Posterscope fed its algorithm-based Planner app with EE’s mData, which was then used to gain insights into consumers’ movements and location-based digital behaviours when they were out of their homes. This data offered a look at how, when and where mobile devices were used in relation to, and in the proximity of, OOH media sites nationwide.

Results from the Lenovo campaign saw unprompted advertising awareness and purchase consideration increase by 200%, and online searches increase by 150%.

Chris Gobby, head of mData at EE, said: “At EE we strive to help businesses make better decisions from big data with the results speaking for themselves in our work with Posterscope.

“We’re excited to be a part of this, and future, ground breaking applications of EE mobile data in out of home advertising and look forward to generating further unique products with Posterscope in the outdoor advertising space.”