NEWS24 September 2015

Mobile accounts for one third of global web traffic

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GLOBAL — Mobile devices now serve 33.4% of total web pages viewed globally, according to a new report.


The report, compiled by FIPP, the Worldwide Magazine Media Association, reveals that this share differs significantly between regions.

In Nigeria, 76% of all web traffic took place from a mobile device, the highest of all markets. This was followed by India ( 65%), South Africa and Indonesia (both 57%), and Poland ( 52%) – the highest of any European country. In the UK and US the share was 23% and 22% respectively.

The report also looked at the types of content being consumed on the internet (not limited to mobile). An estimated 2.1bn user accounts now exist across all social media platforms, representing 29% of the world’s total population and two thirds of its online audience. Facebook remains the most popular social network, followed by YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter and Google+.