NEWS6 June 2016

MarketSight and Google Consumer Surveys form partnership

News North America

US — Market research software provider MarketSight has announced that it has been working with Google Consumer Surveys as an API development partner. 

The latest version of its web-based data analysis and reporting solution is integrated with the Google Consumer Surveys platform. 

This means that users can now connect their MarketSight and Google Consumer Surveys accounts and views and analyse the data from completed surveys using the MarketSight platform.

Current Google Consumer Surveys users can use MarketSight’s tools for analysis, dashboard and chart creation and sharing results. 

“Google Consumer Surveys provides an incredible resource to market researchers and other marketing professionals looking for fast, representative answers to questions about their markets," said MarketSight CEO, Michael DeNitto. "The Google Consumer Surveys platform makes it very easy to create a survey and rapidly collect data at Google scale. Now, with our integrated solution, Google Consumer Surveys users can pull their survey data directly into MarketSight for analysis and presentation.”