NEWS8 March 2013

Lumi gets patent protection for mobile research tech

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UK — Mobile research technology provider Lumi Mobile has been granted three patents protecting the core technologies it uses in its audience engagement products.

The patents, issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, covers:

  • Cross-platform distribution – the ability to create and deliver content and behaviour to a number of different electronic devices, even when they have different operating systems or platforms
  • Synchronisation – a system for sending time-based content simultaneously to a variety of connected devices. Used to monitor responses to live events or broadcasts.
  • Dynamic content – the ability to update content on a mobile device without having to refresh the page or re-install an app. New content may be created and sent to devices, either in response to a request (pulled), by producing new content on the server side (pushed) or by scheduled events being triggered.

Lumi Mobile CEO Richard Taylor said: “This is a huge milestone.”


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8 years ago

Fail to understand how dynamic content can be patented... Very odd. Have been offering it for three years now. Or have I missed something?

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