NEWS3 September 2015

Ipsos Healthcare launches haematology diagnostics monitor

Healthcare News North America

US — Ipsos Healthcare has launched a syndicated Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) Monitor focusing on haematological malignancies.

The Haematological Malignancies MDx Monitor is the latest addition to the Ipsos Global Oncology Centre of Excellence. It measures and tracks the usage of companion diagnostics and other tests across a range of leukaemias and lymphomas, using a panel of haematologists, medical oncologists and haematological oncologists, alongside a separate panel of (haemato-) pathologists, the study captures both perceptual and behavioural data on cytogenetics, mutational analysis, flow cytometry, minimal residual disease monitoring and other emerging molecular markers.

Panel members complete a perceptual questionnaire as well as a number of actual, anonymised patient record forms and tissue/ sample forms.

The monitor is based on the same overall approach that has been applied to the solid tumours Oncology MDx Monitor launched in 2012, but has been modified to account for the different testing paradigms in liquid tumours.

It currently covers the US but will be rolled out in the EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) and other markets shortly.