NEWS25 September 2023

Freemavens launches AI-based marketing performance tool

AI News UK

UK – Research and insights agency Freemavens has developed a machine learning artificial intelligence tool to offer insights on the factors influencing category and brand performance.

The ‘Tilt’ model processes data signals across data sets including consumer attitudes, category dynamics and contextual data.

According to Freemavens, the tool offers ‘a holistic view’ of data signals that influence the performance of categories and brands.

Organisations can use the tool to inform how they make decisions about marketing and innovation.

Eleanor Lloyd Malcolm, managing director at Freemavens, said the tool offers “a wide-angle picture of the levers at play, often breaking unhelpful myths that exist in organisations”, and added: “This is a new benchmark for sharper marketing in an ever-evolving global landscape.”

Freemavens is part of the MSQ network. Bart Michels, executive director at MSQ, described the move as “an exciting milestone for our group as a whole”.