NEWS20 August 2015

Federated Sample rebrands as Lucid

News North America

US — Federated Sample has rebranded as Lucid.

Last year, New Orleans-based Lucid reorganised its Fulcrum and Federated Sample business units (which deal with software licensing and managed services respectively). These two units will continue to operate separately under the Lucid brand umbrella.

According to the announcement, the rebrand is intended to reflect “the company’s explosive growth”. Federated Sample reportedly doubled in size between July 2014 and July 2015.

“Our products clarify business issues and processes that have been obscured,” said Lucid CEO, Patrick Comer (pictured). “We make the unknown known with ‘lucid moments’ of insights, whether those are insights into a programmatic marketplace of research sample or into the human beings surveyed by research.

“‘Lucid’ is the perfect name to summarise what we do.”