NEWS20 September 2011

EmSense future uncertain – company in ‘a sales process’

North America

US— The future of EmSense, a neuromarketing research firm, looks uncertain with chief analytics officer Elissa Moses taking to Twitter to declare that the company “is not dead (yet)”.


Moses (pictured) was responding to rumours that started yesterday, picked up and reported by Neuromarketing blogger Roger Dooley, that the company was shutting down. Adding fuel to the fire was the late cancellation of a presentation due to be given yesterday at Esomar Congress by W. Bryan Smith and Keith Winter, EmSense’s chief executive officer.

But Moses’s Tweet says the company is not – as yet – closing, but is instead going through what she calls “a sales process”.

Calls to the company’s UK office number went unanswered today and its California HQ was outside office hours at the time of publication, so could not be reached for comment.

It has since emerged that Sue Nosworthy and Maria Domoslawska, the two executives hired last year to lead EmSense’s expansion into Europe, have left the business, with Nosworthy now a director at TNS Europe and Domoslawska the founder of the firm DomoSeven.

EmSense is perhaps best known as Millward Brown’s neuromarketing technology provider, kitting the firm out with its EmBand tool for monitoring brain activity. More recently EmSense partnered with virtual shopping firm Fifth Dimension and announced the development of an in-home neuroscience research panel.

In a February 2011 press release, the company spoke of being on “a growth trajectory”. It is private equity-funded, raising $9m in series C financing in November 2009.