NEWS3 August 2017

DBS Data unveils CATI optimisation offer

News UK

UK – Business and consumer marketing data specialist DBS Data has launched Total Sampling, a service enabling organisations running CATI projects to access DBS Data’s data sources in order to improve the response rates and quality of telephone surveys.

This multichannel approach is intended to improve response rates and the quality of telephone surveys by sourcing, screening and scheduling calls via email, digital display and social media.

DBS’ Total Sampling includes managed email broadcasts, serving adverts and links to Facebook, and publisher networks.

“Until now the two main options for polling consumers has been online and telephone," said Adam Williams, managing director of DBS Data.

"Online is low-cost but prone to exploitation by ‘professional’ survey takers that can skew results whilst telephone-based campaigns can provide better data, but are prone to high costs and lower response rates.

“Total Sampling enables organisations to accurately target the exact audience they want to reach, qualify them and book a convenient time to receive a call to run through the survey.”