NEWS2 April 2024

Criteo gains MRC accreditation

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US – Global commerce media firm Criteo has gained its first ever accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for its display rendered impression and click advertising metrics.

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The metrics cover advertising across desktop, mobile web and mobile in-app environments for onsite sponsored products and display advertisements on Criteo’s enterprise retail media platforms Commerce Max and Commerce Yield.

MRC’s accreditation involved evaluating Criteo against its guidelines for detecting and filtering general invalid traffic (GIVT) and reviewed its GIVT detection for both onsite sponsored products and onsite display adverts.

Brian Gleason, chief revenue officer at Criteo, said: “This accreditation is a significant step forward in the maturation of retail media, and Criteo couldn’t be prouder of this accomplishment.

“An industry-grade seal of approval reinforces our ability to deliver the highest quality, most accurate measurement for our clients to advance their retail media strategies.”

George Ivie, executive director and chief executive at the MRC, added: “We commend Criteo for earning MRC accreditation, an important milestone that speaks to Criteo’s commitment to transparency and industry leadership.

“Retailers, brands and agencies can now have the confidence this MRC-accredited measurement solution provides in helping them navigate the booming retail media space.”