NEWS13 February 2020

Comscore and TargetSmart partner on political segments

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US – Cross media measurement firm Comscore and political data business TargetSmart have joined forces  to create customised political advertising segments to help political agencies better reach target audiences.

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The segments are created by combining TargetSmart’s proprietary voter data with Comscore’s StationView Essentials household viewing preferences.

Designed exclusively for local markets, the final output consists of station/day-part and series level performance against custom segmentation.

Segments will focus on the key voter categories that are most likely to sway election outcomes, including non-voters in 2016, soft partisan and independent likely voters, and white working-class voters.

Pamela Barratta, vice-president, political sales at Comscore, said: "Voters are exposed to an overwhelming amount of advertising, and it is increasingly difficult to cut through the noise. Over the past six years, Comscore has drawn on our local market measurement footprint to deliver unique insights for political campaigns and organisations." 

Tom Bonier, CEO of TargetSmart, added: "This partnership with Comscore will equip campaigns and advertisers with the powerful tools needed to gain a more comprehensive and complete understanding of the electorate."