NEWS13 September 2017

‘Ad fatigue’ drives viewers to on-demand TV

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UK – It’s not just convenience or the chance to see the latest season of Stranger Things that’s driving the growth of on-demand TV viewing, according to the latest findings from On Device Research.

Couple watching TV

‘Ad fatigue’ is also playing a significant role. Forty one per cent of respondents in On Device’s latest survey said that sitting through fewer ads was part of their motivation for watching paid on-demand TV services such as Netflix and Amazon, rather than old-fashioned TV.

The meteoric rise of on-demand TV, which eschews the traditional TV advertising model in favour of subscriptions, has created a conundrum for advertisers.

But in a world where 20% of users block online ads, it’s hardly surprising that viewers are tempted by the opportunity to avoid them on TV too.

On Device Research said: “The platforms commanding consumer attention are the platforms that marketers must employ to maximise brand exposure, yet at the same time they must be careful to produce ads that resonate not irritate.”

The results come from On Device’s biannual multi-country Path to Purchase tracker, which takes in the views of 500 smartphone users per market.