NEWS24 February 2017

Consumer ad blocking levels stabilise

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UK – The proportion of British online adults currently using ad blocking software has remained at 22% for the last year, according to an IAB UK/YouGov report. 

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The Ad Blocking Report, conducted online by YouGov on behalf of the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB), claims that this is as a result of widespread consumer understanding of how advertising funds free content.

The report revealed that 21% of people who had originally downloaded ad blockers don't currently use them, with the biggest reason for this (aside from switching to a new device) being that they were unable to access some content with the blocker installed (cited by 24%, compared with 16% a year ago). 

“The continued rise in ad blocking that some predicted simply hasn’t materialised,” said the IAB UK’s CEO Jon Mew. “A key reason is publishers denying access to content to ad blockers which, in effect, has created that ‘lightbulb’ moment for people who realise that they cannot access free content without seeing the advertising that funds it.

"The industry has worked hard on promoting this “value exchange” and it’s paying off.”  

There is also a likelihood that ad blocker use is lower than reported, as nearly one fifth of those claiming to currently use one cited their anti-virus software or couldn't identify a genuine ad blocker.