FEATURE27 October 2021

Pedal to the floor: How Jaguar Land Rover uses insight to stay ahead

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Jaguar Land Rover’s brands have been a cornerstone of the British car industry for decades, and global customer insights director Joanne Pearson is focusing on how to keep the company moving forwards. 

Land Rover driving with waterfall in the background

The word ‘jaguar’ has a very good chance of bringing to mind the car rather than an Amazonian feline. Jaguar has been at the centre of the UK’s car industry for almost a century, and remains one of the country’s most recognisable automotive brands.

In 2013, Jaguar merged with fellow former British Leyland brand Land Rover, creating Jaguar Land Rover. The two remain separate brands within the same company, but both operate at the ‘prestige’ end of the car market. For both, identifying the typical driver is crucial. However, with a product as difficult to design and construct as a car, the process of identifying that typical driver is fraught with risk.

“The nature of the automotive industry is you can’t ‘turn on a sixpence’, ” says Joanne Pearson, global customer insights director at Jaguar Land Rover. “The motor vehicle is the most complex consumer product you can buy, and they get more complex as they get more connected, with ...