FEATURE19 May 2021

Driving in automatic: How Jaguar Land Rover used artificial intelligence to track sentiment

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Can an artificial intelligence system automate text analysis without losing accuracy? Jaguar Land Rover has integrated AI into its brand tracking with the aim of doing just that. By Liam Kay

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Humans are experts at deciphering language and picking up the nuances in speech, and the meaning behind words. In the ever demanding world of brand tracking, can rigour and analysis be retained in research while increasing speed and reducing cost?

A partnership between research agency MM Eye and Jaguar Land Rover aimed to explore whether an artificial intelligence (AI) system could help uncover customer sentiment in answers to open-ended questions and save the brand time and money.

The project started in 2017 and was intended to help Jaguar’s brand health survey, examining customer views and feelings towards the company. Specifically, its goal was to explore whether long-form,  verbatim responses to questions posed by the survey could be analysed by AI instead of human coders without losing the necessary level of detail and quality.

MM Eye has worked with Jaguar since 2010, and was involved with its brand health survey before the AI project. The survey has typically used stream-of-consciousness interviewing techniques to analyse consumers’ ...