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2015 Review: the best campaigns

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A good advert can get people talking, and not just about the brand, organisation, or even person behind it. Our review panel have chosen their favourites from the year – see if you agree.

This girl can

sport england: this girl can

“I loved Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign. Great concept, great cause – underpinned by clear and on the money insights. I’m hoping to see lots more examples of ad creatives that excite by going against the stereotypical grain in 2016.” Anna Cliffe, joint managing director, Trinity McQueen.

“Sport England This Girl Can.” Deborah Mattinson, founding director, BritainThinks.

warburtons: the giant crumpet show

“The Giant Crumpet Show, starring the all-singing, all-dancing Muppets, who have brought Warburton’s Giant Crumpets into my life. Mad fer it!” Joe Staton, strategic innovation director, GfK.

“This is a very recent one, which has become my new ‘favourite’…it’s the Warburtons’ Muppets campaign, created to promote the new Giant Crumpet. The ad is an example of fantastic storytelling, featuring the Muppets in a series of vignettes and scenes with the founder of the company, telling the story as they go. People have a latent love for the Muppets, and they already know their personalities well – this allows the campaign to focus on the Warburtons’ story. It’s funny – humour is a great technique for getting a brand recognised and known – and distinct enough to stand out. When we tested the ad with audiences, the ‘involvement’ score was remarkably high; it really engages viewers, capturing their attention and their interest.” Amanda Phillips, head of UK Marketing, Millward Brown.

Warburtons’ campaign featuring Sylvester Stallone also got a mention:

“For me its got to be the Warburtons Sly Stallone ad. I just love the fact he’s been to Bolton…. I haven’t been to Bolton!” David Day, president and global CEO, Lightspeed GMI.

jeremy corbyn’s labour leadership campaign

“I don’t think much could challenge Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to become leader of the Labour party.” Jon Puleston, VP of Innovation, Lightspeed GMI.

“Jeremy Corbyn’s party leadership election campaign.” Stephen Cribbett, founder, Dub.

airbnb: never a stranger

“Airbnb’s ‘Never a stranger’ ad campaign. The brand represents such an exciting proposition at the moment, and looks likely to push forward the trend of disintermediation further.” Virginia Monk, MD, Network Research.

john lewis: tiny dancer

“John Lewis Home Insurance Campaign. It reflects a brilliant understanding of domestic life and captures the everyday reality of family life with children. Through a young girls ballet performance it taps into aspirational mind-set that most parents have. Without being salesy it addresses the importance of a safe and secure home and by implication what needs to be done to safeguard it.” Noah Roychowdhury, principal, Northstar Research Partners.

ubs: together we can find an answer

“A genuinely brave ad campaign that dared to speak to men as if they were complex individuals not simple creatures that only respond to broad comedy. Good music too.” Peter Totman, head of qualitative, Jigsaw.

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