OPINION23 September 2019

Quantifying the value of work

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Market researchers must be ready to prove the financial worth of their work in order to thrive in an age of data, writes Twitter’s Matt Taylor.

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It’s fair to assume that, if you’re reading this, a large part of your day job will involve assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns – or, perhaps, testing the feasibility and market fit of new product designs.

The insights team is one of the most disciplined functions in any company when it comes to measuring business impact and we hold our stakeholders to high standards when it comes to building that measurement into their plans from the start. However, it’s extremely rare for us to hold ourselves accountable to the same standards of measurement when it comes to assessing the value created by our work.

This is a difficult challenge, but one we must rise to if we are to continue competing for resources in companies awash with data.

In my previous role at O2, the company reorganised a wide range of analytics and research functions into a single, centralised business intelligence team. Any team whose job it was to look at ...