OPINION1 October 2018

Living your values

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Impact Opinion

Companies can't just talk about ethics, they have to demonstrate those values are intrinsic to how they operate says Sinead Hasson.

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Lip service is one of the issues that comes up when we chat to disgruntled employees. Things such as values being used for PR/marketing, but not for the day to day. Constant spouting about diversity and inclusion, with no real evidence, is currently a hot topic.

If you are a company, or work for a company, that has core values, you need to be confident that they are being adhered to throughout the business. Recent tales from people about firms where it’s one rule for the managers and another for the team make me feel that – no matter how far we travel in transparency – there are still companies that take us right back. 

What you don’t want is to see words such as ‘honesty’, ‘loyalty’ and ‘trust’ painted on the reception wall, only for them to fade fast as you walk through the office.

If a company has gone to the effort of creating values, it means it has made ...