NEWS5 April 2019

Zappi releases Creative Digital ad tool

News North America

US – Automated market research and insights firm Zappi has launched a creative tool for better in-context advertising insights.

Zappi Creative Digital has been added to its creative advertising suite of products and can track in-context effectiveness of ads on Facebook and YouTube based on the emotional reactions, likes or dislikes, and open feedback of consumers.

Clients can assess creative campaigns within hours before committing budget to digital advertising.

Steve Phillips, CEO of Zappi, said: “There are plenty of tools to track digital results after they’re published, but our customers have been asking for a way to understand which ads to invest in before allocating their budgets in a deeper, more analytical way.

“The Zappi Digital Creative tool will help customers understand second-by-second where their ads are working or failing, allowing them to adjust in real-time. This will significantly reduce overall digital spend while simultaneously increase brand lift and return on investment.”