NEWS5 August 2020

Leadership restructure at Zappi

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US – Automated consumer insights platform Zappi has restructured its leadership, splitting into two teams focused on innovation and operations.


Chief executive officer Stephen Phillips will chair the futures team, which will set the company’s direction. Two rotating staff members will join the team for six-month periods, the first being Z Johnson, vice-president of customer transformation, and Andrea Tambourine, business operations manager.

Additionally, founder Dave Birch has taken on the role of leading a newly formed innovation arm, Zappi X.

Zappi’s leadership team, responsible for day-to-day operations including revenue, resourcing and efficiency, will be chaired by chief revenue officer Ryan Barry (pictured), and includes executive vice-presidents Yvonne O’Brien, Babita Earle, Julio Franco and Scott Flanagan.

Also on the leadership team are Emma Van Pelt, who has been promoted to vice-president, marketing; Tom Holliss, head of people and culture; Donovan Kennedy, chief product officer and head of UX; chief technology officer Brendon McLean; Jimmy Vassilas, chief financial officer; and the company’s chief operating officer Wojtek Kokoszka.

Barry said: “Our newly formed leadership team represents a strong base of market understanding, experience, empathy, functional excellence and diversity.”

Phillips added: “While these new teams are not meant to make all the decisions in the company, they will create clarity on direction and help align and coach people to achieve company goals. I’m looking forward to being able to focus solely on innovation and keeping Zappi moving toward the future.”