NEWS26 April 2021

YouGov acquires financial data firm

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UK – Research and data analytics group YouGov has acquired open banking start-up Lean App as part of a three-year earn out connected to expanding YouGov’s data in the US and UK.

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The acquisition of Lean App will also help YouGov gain access to a greater amount of financial transaction data, such as the value, timing and frequency of purchases made online and offline across nearly 40 industries.

Lean App runs a system to allow individuals to share data about their financial transactions and provides advice for how to manage money and subscriptions more effectively. The company was founded last year and is headquartered in London.

Co-founders of Lean App Luke Dugdale, Tom Stuart, Max Lascombe, and Artur Jurgenson will all join YouGov as part of the acquisition deal. The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

The acquisition follows the launch of YouGov Safe, an opt-in cross-device tracker and data marketplace designed to boost the company’s observed behaviour data collection.

Stephan Shakespeare, chief executive and co-founder of YouGov, said: “We are excited to bring Lean App into the YouGov fold as we continue to invest for growth in line with our strategy.

“The addition of financial transaction data, alongside the launch of YouGov Safe, expands our capabilities to provide our clients with data that verifies consumer behaviour.”