NEWS16 April 2021

YouGov launches opt-in data marketplace

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UK – International research and data analytics group YouGov has created an opt-in cross-device tracker and data marketplace that will see consumers choose to share their data with companies.

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YouGov Safe works by enabling YouGov members to securely store data that companies, platforms and institutions hold on them, and then share it with selected third parties anonymously or on a case-by-case approval basis.

Members receive points that count towards a cash payment every time they allow a new company to have an interaction with their data.

The approach is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, according to YouGov.

The scheme will initially focus on browser history and Netflix viewing habits, with plans to expand to include banking, gaming and health data in the near future.

Hamish Brocklebank, head of YouGov Safe, said: “For consumers, it is the opportunity to have the power over their personal data – deciding what to share, doing it in a secure way and getting value for it.

“For clients, understanding their audience’s full journey across devices – whether it is streaming, gaming, shopping, or other online activity – and connecting it to YouGov’s rich attitudinal data.”