NEWS10 March 2011

Yahoo and Nielsen team up for online brand study in Asia

Asia Pacific Technology

SINGAPORE— Yahoo and Nielsen have teamed up on a new study to gauge the effectiveness of online brand advertising in Asia.

The Brand Impact project will collect 100 online advertising case studies over the next two years, looking at metrics such as awareness, favorability, purchase consideration, recommendation and purchase intent.

The firms say the results will allow companies to benchmark their online advertising against other advertisers or against competitors in their industry sector.

David Webb, Nielsen’s managing director of advertising solutions in Asia, said the study will present the region’s “most in-depth insights on the impact of online advertising to date”, allowing companies to properly gauge ROI and performance, rather than just focusing on clickthroughs.

Jeff Han, vice president of marketing at Yahoo Asia Pacific, said: “It is critical for today’s marketers to be able to measure their return on a marketing investment.”

The project will include campaigns in Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.