NEWS2 June 2017

WPP’s Data Alliance announces healthcare data partnership with Crossix

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US – WPP companies can now access healthcare and analytics solutions provided by Crossix Solutions following the announcement of a partnership between Crossix and the group’s Data Alliance.

Crossix’s Distributed Data Network (DDN) technology and methodology connects health and non-health data, driving insights about clinicians and patients. 

Access to Crossix’s data and analytics solutions is intended to be used by WPP operating companies for audience segmentation and insights, creative and media planning, campaign measurement and cross-channel optimisation. The agreement supports the WPP Health & Wellness strategic agenda by providing WPP companies with more efficient access to healthcare data insights and solutions. 

"This partnership uncovers meaningful human insights that help us accelerate better health outcomes,” said Destry Sulkes, chief data officer, WPP Health & Wellness.

“Leveraging Crossix’s capabilities creates new understanding of complex patient-clinician interactions, and powers more impactful and targeted communications.”