NEWS9 November 2020

Walnut Unlimited launches comms testing approach

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UK – Market research agency Walnut Unlimited has created a new communications testing tool to gauge consumers’ emotional connection with advertisements.

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Th tool, which is called Admire, will use facial coding, implicit reaction time testing and explicit measurement and measure reactions through an online survey.

Admire will measure facial expressions to capture people’s emotional understanding of an advertisement. Admire will combine this data with implicit reaction time testing, which identifies an advert’s ability to get its values across to consumers, and explicit measures to check the delivery of key messages.

Earlier this year, Walnut established a new approach to product testing incorporating emotional responses, which it called TruLiking.

Michal Matukin, research director and neuroscience lead at Walnut Unlimited, said: “Combining facial coding with reaction time testing allows you to see the power of your ad to forge strong associations and persuade the desired values.

“This is paired with explicit measures, to help understand what stands out and determine how your ad is talked about.”