NEWS21 October 2013

Verve launches AllDevice tools

Technology UK

UK — Verve, a specialist in communities and panels for research, has launched Verve AllDevice, a set of JavaScript tools designed to work across all mobile devices.

Increasing numbers of respondents are using their mobile devices to complete surveys (estimates range from 10% to 40% of consumers choosing this approach).

Flash tools have become a popular way to make the survey experience more engaging for respondents in recent years, but this has alienated Apple-users, as Flash is not supported on those devices.

Verve’s JavaScipt toolkit of question types and approaches now enables those on any latest generation mobile device to experience a “richer survey experience”.

Andrew Cooper, CEO of Verve, said: “Already an average of 35% of our survey research through our clients’ community panels is completed on mobile devices. Our Verve AllDevice tools, which automatically detect what device capabilities members have and serve the best possible experience for that device, only help to augment this – and at last give those on Apple devices the experience they deserve.”