NEWS6 August 2010

Trinity Broadcasting Network turns to Rentrak for audience measurement

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US— Christian TV broadcaster Trinity Broadcasting Network has signed up to use Rentrak’s TV Essentials service to provide audience measurement figures for its range of channels.

The broadcaster, billed as the most-watched religious channel in the US, will use Rentrak to count its audience for its flagship TBN channel as well as the other networks it owns and operates, including the Church Channel, youth network JCTV, Spanish language service TBN Enlace USA and children’s channel Smile of a Child.

TBN is the eighth religious broadcaster to sign up to Rentrak’s audience measurement services and the firm said that 40% of US religious networks are now subscribers to its data.

Carol Hinnant, Rentrak’s SVP of national network sales, called the deal with TBN “a tremendous acknowledgement of the granular insights that set-top box data provides.”

TBN’s chief of staff Paul Crouch Jr added: “Gaining access to the largest database of detailed TV viewing information from cable, satellite and telco TV provides a transparent view of all our networks and allows us to better manage programming, promotions and ministry costs effectively.”