NEWS7 March 2017

TouchPoints Canada adds passive mobile usage data

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CANADA – Cross-media measurement firm RealityMine has added passive mobile usage data to its TouchPoints Canada service, revealing what Canadians do on their phones throughout the day.

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The TouchPoints survey looks at a number of media to create a picture of how TV, digital, mobile, radio, PC, gaming and other media interact.

Passive data collection allows research participants’ mobile activity to be automatically monitored by software on their phone, without them having to report it.

Findings reveal that the most popular functions are social media and search, especially among millennials. When in restaurants, people are likely to use social media apps, and when at work, they are likely to use mobile shopping services.

The peak time for using weather apps is 8am, while for photo apps the peak is 1pm, and for video streaming apps, 9pm.

Facebook is the most popular social media app among users on the go, with 68% of users aged 18-49 and 57% of users aged 50-64 looking at Facebook while travelling.

RealityMine has compared its results with The Toronto Star’s Omniture media usage data, and described the similarities as “very encouraging”.

The data collected via the TouchPoints Canada survey is available to clients via Metis and other third party platforms such as Nielsen IMS and Telmar.

RealityMine is headquartered in Manchester, UK with international offices in Toronto, New York and Sydney.