NEWS19 July 2013

Thomson Reuters distributes Ipsos consumer sentiment index

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US — Thomson Reuters has become the sole distributor of Ipsos’ monthly global consumer sentiment index.

Thomson Reuters Ipsos PCSI measures eleven key conditions as perceived by primary consumers in 24 countries in order to deliver the most comprehensive data set available on current and future country and personal economic conditions, intentions and expectations.

Questions used in the PCSI survey are focused on areas such as individual’s appraisal of their homeland’s current economic status, their own personal economic status, and their future expectations for the local economy. Additional questions focus on consumer confidence, job security and investments in the future.

The data will be exclusively available through Thomson Reuters Datastream Data Loader or Datastream Professional.

Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Global Public Affairs said: “Since its launch in March 2010, the eleven conditions identified with the index have already found real marketplace correlations in each country that can range from consumer spending and automobile registrations to unemployment and credit demand. We share a common principle with Thomson Reuters of wanting to deliver the best solution and service to our customers and are thrilled to be joining forces to continue to deliver early and exceptional insight and value for its clients.”