NEWS14 November 2013

ThinkNow Research launches Hispanic omnibus survey

News North America

US — ThinkNow Research has launched an Hispanic omnibus survey.

The monthly custom omnibus allows clients insight into their Hispanic customers, as well as comparison to the general market population.

Roy Kokoyachuk, co-founder of ThinkNow Research, said: “We developed this first-of-its-kind methodology after listening to our clients tell us that they felt like they were analysing data in a vacuum… that they had no easy or inexpensive way to compare and contrast their findings.

“We’ve addressed those issues in two ways. First, because the broad market data is collected at exactly the same time as the Hispanic consumer data, comparisons are easy and accurate. Second, the ‘gen pop’ data is included in every Hispanic Omnibus study we conduct at no additional charge… in essence, providing more research for the same dollar.”

More information can be found here.