NEWS6 December 2011

Tech firm hacks Kinect for shopper analytics

Latin America Technology

ARGENTINA— Software developer Agile Route has hacked Microsoft’s motion-sensing videogame technology Kinect to make it fit for tracking shopper behaviour in retail environments.

In Agile Route’s video demos (here and here) the Kinect sensor is shown affixed to the top of a shelf rack, angled downwards to cover the area immediately in front of the shelf.

The sensor recognises when a shopper enters the tracking zone and can follow their movements as they reach out to pick up items from the store shelf.

Not only does Kinect track movements, it also measures depth and distance – so it is able to work out which of a number of different shelves within a rack space a shopper might be reaching for.

Data outputs include traffic flow analysis, time spent at shelf, product traction analysis, shelf heat maps and heat maps of conversion rates for each product.


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13 years ago

I've seen this news on another website. Awesome to hear that we're going to see more calculated analysis and may it bring better customer service. Like this one for example Groceries

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