NEWS3 April 2013

Sri Lanka market researchers go for tax concessions

Asia Pacific Government

SRI LANKA — The Market Research Society of Sri Lanka (MRSSL) is going for tax concessions that were provided for the profession in the country’s 2013 budget.

According to Sri Lankan paper The Daily Mirror, the MRSSL president Ravi Bamunusinghe said that although Sri Lanka was a relatively small market, market research and its impact on the country’s corporate sector would gain more importance in the future.

In the country’s 2013 budget, there were provisions for tax concessions for companies engaging in research and the society said it was now applying for them.

“If we are successful in this endeavor, then the ultimate benefit of concessions would be passed on to our clients and resulting in more research being carried out which, in turn, should help Sri Lankan corporates operate more efficiently,” Bamunusinghe said.