NEWS12 February 2016

Silverman and Unilever launch visual survey tool

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UK — Silverman Research has launched Crowdoscope, a survey and discussion tool developed in partnership with Unilever. 

Crowdoscope crop

Intended to gather real-time social collective intelligence, Crowdoscope is described as a "self-organising visual environment that has been carefully designed to support group interaction and extract insight."

The tool displays comments in a visualisation rather than a list in order to facilitate the identification of the most relevant comments. 

“Traditional surveys and polling are becoming outdated in our increasingly connected world," said Michael Silverman, MD of Silverman Research. "Unstructured feedback is growing in prevalence, but discussion forums that present comments in lists are not equipped to deal with large communities – they are impossible to navigate and do not ensure all posts receive equal attention.

"The solution is to represent discussions as interactive data visualisations so that participants are provided with a more engaging and transparent experience.”