NEWS27 November 2020

Savanta launches business research tools

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UK – Data intelligence firm Savanta has released a suite of tools to help businesses research key issues and engage with customers.

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‘Savanta Essentials’ will offer services including brand tracking, pre-scripted questionnaires to provide quick access to consumer panels, and pre- and post-campaign evaluation.

Concept testing and a tool called ‘Pitch Winner’, which captures emotional responses from target audiences to new ideas and creative, are also included in Savanta Essentials.

Julian Dailly, executive vice-president of consumer insight and strategy at Savanta said: “Covid-19 has and will continue to have a dramatic effect on consumer behaviour as lifestyles remain in a state of flux.

“As a result, business models are having to adapt ever more rapidly to the changing environments in which they operate. We have designed Savanta Essentials to ensure research is central to driving strategy, to help brands understand how behaviours are evolving over time and gain and retain a competitive advantage.”